Dark circles can be caused by overwork

In our material, you can read not only about the main factors, but also to learn the basic methods of solving this problem. The cause of dark circles is a violation of the venous outflow. When slowing down the movement of dark venous blood pigment is illuminated through a thin skin. Furthermore, it accumulates in the connective tissue.

Dark circles can be caused by overwork, stress, lack of sleep and serious internal diseases (cardiovascular or reproductive system). Be sure to pass a medical examination. Help reduce pigmentation five-minute cold compresses decoction of chamomile or parsley and beauty products with retinol. Makeup concealer selects salmon hue. Yeast Infection Cure

In an appearance edema blame slow microcirculation of lymph and blood, causing the centuries accumulated water and salt. Most often in the afternoon when the eye muscles work, and lymph circulation normalized, or swelling disappear.

If this happens, check the kidneys and heart. To prevent the swelling, discontinue use of liquid 4 hours before bedtime. In the morning, do toning compresses with green tea. Nourishing Masks For Breast - Neck, chest and neck is the most important for women, because skin in these areas often gives age.

We already wrote about it, with the help of some masks can increase the bust and enhance skin elasticity breast. It's time to pay attention to nourishing masks. They saturate the skin useful components that will give her tone, make it softer, gentle and help remove age-related changes in the breast area.

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