Contraindications to hair removal

Go for the first time venturing waxing, should not be afraid. It is best to start with the removal of vegetation armpits. Their hair tends to be thinner than other areas, and the process gives less discomfort. In general, men's hair removal is different from the female areas, they need to work: neck, back, chest, shoulders, etc. Acne No More Review

"After the procedure and the contemplation of his own reflection in the mirror of my clients are experiencing a genuine pride in yourself, you cannot even imagine how many such questionable procedure can raise self-esteem man "- says Anna Vishnyakova observations.

Contraindications and cautions - Contraindications to hair removal, both men and women may become pustular and inflammatory processes of the skin surface, the presence of viral infections, exacerbation of herpes, blood clotting, varicose veins in the area for hair removal, diabetes, allergic reaction components used for depilation procedure and some other individual factors.

At the end of the procedure during the day you cannot attend a bath, sauna, solarium and swimming pool.

Dark time of the year - How to deal with seasonal affective disorder - Even psychiatrists are not invulnerable - winter dusk able to influence the state of mind of the expert, well-versed in the souls of others. "Although I was not strongly expressed winter depression, I acted on what can be called the winter blues" - says the Viennese psychiatrist and psychotherapist March K.

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